Add New Hard Drive to QuickBooks Database Manager

QuickBooks Data Base Server Manager Unable to recognize newly installed hard drive on the server!

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QuickBooks Data Base Server Manager:

This service or application is an important component of multi user setup.Data base server manager allows all the users to share and save data on the consolidated data base.

Issue Description: Some times when consumer try to extend server space but the new hard drive is not getting recognized.

Root Cause:

  • If you may be missing any update on Data base server manager.
  • Some times you have to verify drive inside QuickBooks Data Base Server Manager.
  • QuickBooks Update

How to Fix:

  1. Download QuickBooks diagnostic tool and run full scan
  2. Some times this could be hardware issue as, So Please make sure your Server hard drive getting recognized under Drives
  3. By verifying newly install hard drive manually can also help.
  4.  If still this issue persists you can call our QuickBooks Technical Support expert.
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