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Creating and editing sales reps on QuickBooks is really quick

Creating and editing sales reps on QuickBooks is really quick

It is important to set up all the vital information related to your business in the right way to get the accounts managed effectively. While you start maintaining your account it is important to use the features of QuickBooks to get the best display of your information and classify your business transactions according to the type which helps you analyze your business better, make the right business classification and clear for clarified profit and loss statements. While maintain the customer and sales reps data you can choose to create lists and edit it anytime to make your business details display the complete information for future references.

1. Creating and editing sales reps

QuickBooks understands that sometimes the sales reps of the company can also be amongst the employees and so for salary, incentive and turnover records it is necessary to classify them according to their jobs in different categories. QuickBooks allows doing it with ease through a simple process. It started with putting the information into Quick Books according to their type i.e. the Vendor or the Employees. This can be done by going to the ‘Lists’ > Employees and Vendors List > Sales Reps List where you get to create a new detail for the Vendors and employee according to their designation. This creates the list of sales reps distinctively with reference to their name either for vendors or for employees.

2. How to link the customers with the sales reps?

When you have created the list of Sales reps according to their designation i.e. the vendors or the employees, you want to allocate your customers to each sales rep to facilitate your account books. For this go the home screen of Quick Books and choose the Customer Centre for information of each customer. There you can double click on any of the customer’s name and then go to their additional info. In the additional info you will find a section to select the sales reps for that customer. Make the right selection and click save. Finish the data management by feeding the data for all your customers and this will allocate each customer to the sales reps thus making information for each customer available for who their sales rep is.

3. How do sales reps allocation to customers help?

When you allocate the information for each customer according to their sales reps you are able to refer their business with your company and any future transactions of customer service according to the sales reps dealings with the customer. This shall make it easier for the customers as well as the employees to handle customer service and transactions with perfect and without loss of information/

QuickBooks makes it extremely easy to sort information and make comprehensive storage of data possible for the company books of accounts. Using the features from Quick Books will enable you to store your business information comprehensively so that you can check on simplest of details in just a few clicks when you don’t remember it all or have an emergency.