Integrate TSheets with QuickBooks Desktop

How to Integrate TSheets with QuickBooks Desktop

Integrate TSheets with QuickBooks Desktop

Steps to sync TSheets data with QuickBooks

Before you start the integration please make sure that your QuickBooks is configured properly for the data to be synced. Please check the following settings in your QuickBooks.

  • Weeks start data should be same in both TSheets and QuickBooks
  • make sure “Full Payroll” is turned on in preferences
  • “Use time data to create paychecks” should be checked in company wide preferences for each employee
  • Access TSheets and QuickBooks from the same computer while synchronizing the data as sync can only be performed from same location
  • All users that need to export time in QuickBooks should be added as vendors or employees including admins (if required)
  • Make sure that you are able to switch QuickBooks in single user mode

Install the TSheets QuickBooks Integration Add-On and Sync with QuickBooks Desktop

  • In TSheets, go to SET UP > Add-ons OR Feature Add-ons > Manage Add-ons
  • Click Install on QuickBooks Desktop Integration

Step 1:

Delete all users: If you have already added employees, they will not be synced during the first run.

Import customers and jobs: 

Import Venders and Employees: Allow employees to track time and imports all active customers and their jobs into your TSheets account to .

Show Billable: Gives the option to employees to show either billable or not.

Show service items: Shows service items lists to employees so that they can pick it while tracking time.

Show Class: Shows class list to choose while tracking time.

Step 2:

Install QuickBooks Web Connector

Sign in to TSheets

In the “Authorize New Web Service” window, click OK

“Access Confirmation” window, click DONE

In the “QuickBooks Web Connector” window, check the box to the left of the TSheets application, and click Update Selected. The system performs a sync.

For help with integration and instant support, please call +1877-681-1680

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