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How to restrain the QuickBooks com error from crashing the windows?

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If you are running a company or an organisation where the essential data becomes too difficult to handle, then a cyber organizer is necessary to install in the system. QuickBooks by Intuit is an accounting software that is made to organize a large number of bills, invoices, and other important data. This software has made organising the data an easy task where there is no space left for any doubt. However, like every other mechanical tool, this one also comes with some flaws. One of them being the com error in QuickBooks. QuickBooks com error is an error that appears when the software is being operated. This damaging intensity of the com error is that it crashes the whole system vanishing the complete QuickBooks and other data. While the other data can be recovered, the QuickBooks data cannot be restored. For the prevention of com error, experts have cracked down its causes and the possible solutions. QuickBooks com error can be inhibited provided that the following guide is accurately followed.


What causes the com error in QuickBooks?

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According to Intuit, the main and probable cause of the QuickBooks com error is Microsoft’s update system. It commonly observed that the com error arrives when the user updates the Microsoft software to a renewed version. Having said that, this does not mean that the user cannot update Microsoft while operating QuickBooks. However, Intuit has been unable to fix this issue and claim to have been in working with Microsoft to make QuickBooks error-free.


  • Microsoft Outlook

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Setting Outlook as your default mail app can help in preventing the QuickBooks com error to appear. Outlook is a Microsoft information manager which supports QuickBooks. By making it the default app, it will uphold the data from disappearing.


  • Create profile

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Creating an Outlook profile can possibly sustain the QuickBooks data from fleeing away. However, sometimes the QuickBooks is not able to figure out Outlook. To go ahead with this step, it is necessary to update QuickBooks and create a new user profile for windows.

  • Run a windows update

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Repairing Office and updating the windows helps QuickBooks in not accepting any error from the system. To continue with this, refer to the Microsoft articles for the precise tutorials.

  • Operate QuickBooks in compatibility mode

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By following this step, the QuickBooks com error will not appear even if the Windows is updated. The compatibility mode allows the software to operate in its original Windows instead of following the latest version. 

Expert opinion

There are small tips and techniques that are easily available online to carry the preventive measures for QuickBooks com error. Plenty of solutions are suggested by various QuickBooks users but it is suggested to go ahead with the authentic ones that are proposed by the experts.

The com error is damaging to the system, yet the QuickBooks data can be saved by following the above-mentioned steps.This guide has proven to be of great help in order to efficiently handle the QuickBooks com error.

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