Login Problems of QuickBooks Online on Chrome

QuickBooks Online Edition is one of the most popular cloud-based accounting software these days. QuickBooks help its users to carry on business transactions and recording them easily and hassle free. It helps user in the management of business expenses and revenues and let users access information related to the company finances from your hard drive over the web easily and faster than ever.

QuickBooks Online is made for the high-speed processing and also it enables a user to access the information easily, so it is very frustrating to get slow speed which may be caused by different issues with QuickBooks Online or in some cases your web browser.

Google Chrome is number one browser and it is used widely all over the world.It is a perfect and recommended browser by intuit for QuickBooks Online Accountant. That’s why it is used by majority of QuickBooks’s users. But every now and then users face some login issues with chrome. Which may cause delay to your work.

Today we will look QuickBooks login problem on Chrome and possible solutions to resolve this issue.

QuickBooks Online and Chrome what is the Problem?

While logging to QuickBooks Online Accountant, there is different type of problems it can show.

  • Sometimes you get the “loading” message from browser, but nothing is being loaded meanwhile the page does not shoe you anything.
  • Sometimes you get messages about services not being available.
  • Well other times there is a bug, where you may get access to sign-in screen, then it will take you to screen to choose my company, then it will take you back to sign-in screen.

Fix 1: Use another Browser

Well you can try to solve this issue simply by try using any browser other than Google Chrome. Try logging in using browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. You can also use Internet Explorer to get or export your data to QuickBooks Desktop back.

While this may work, but some users may prefer to use Chrome so they can try other solutions to fix this issue.

Fix 2: Use Browser in Incognito window

Try to fix this problem by login QuickBooks through Incognito mode of Google Chrome. Google’s Incognito Mode is a privacy option for Chrome,in which chrome does not keep any of your history about what you have been browsing and downloading and also don’t save any cookies permanently.

Simply use incognito mode when you are unable to use QuickBooks Online in simple Chrome mode.

  • Go to your Chrome browser and click on customize button and control icon which is located on the upper right and from there select the New incognito window open or you can simply use shortcut key (Ctrl+Shift+N).
  • This will open new windows of Chrome into incognito mode which you can confirm by looking at the Chrome’s incognito icon on the upper left corner.
  • Once you open this window you can log in to QuickBooks Online Accountant without any problems. Note that while in incognito mode most of your Chrome extensions will be disabled, which is a disadvantage

Fix 3: Clean yourcache or history of the browser

If you don’t like the options shown above or you want to use your browser normally like you use it every day you can try clearing your browsing cache and history to get into QuickBooks Online Accountant in a normal browser window. Sometimes old browsing history or cache can cause Google Chrome to perform slowly when you open QuickBooks.

  • Click customize and control in the upper right of your Chrome window and then click on Settings.
  • Select the History tab from the left, then click the Clear browsing dataoption.
  • In the window that opens, check the boxes for browsing history, cookies and other site and plug-in data, and cached images and files. Select the obliterate setting of the beginning of time and click the Clear browsing data button.
  • This will remove your history,saved cookies and cached files. You should this periodically so you won’t face any issue in future as well.

Fix 4: Additional Users on Chrome:

You can use additional users features in which you can make different profiles for different people or according to different tasks you perform in your PC.“Chrome User”, and use that just for working with QuickBooks Online.You will find that there is a less chance for Chrome to get stuck as far as QuickBooks Online logins in the first place, and if it does then you can simply clear the cache/history for just this user. You don’t lose your browser history and settings for your other Chrome user.This will help you in reducing the working hour.

  • Open the Chrome menu as before, select the Settings tab on the left.
  • If you look at the bottom of the page there will be a User’s section.
  • Select Add new user to get this dialog.
  • Select an icon, enter a name, leave the Create a desktop shortcut option checked, then click on the Create button.

If you do this for the first time Chrome will create two user accounts, one that you just added and the other which is the default profile that you are currently signed in. You can see the new user icon appears in the upper left corner of the browser. You can click to switch between other users. Whenever you will switch to new user a separate window will be opened for that user. Now use this new user to log in QuickBooks Online Accountant. You may login easily now but if you still run into login error you can clear history/cache for this user and try again to login.

In Addition you can also do

  • You can always check if any Chrome extension is causing this problem by turning it off.
  • You should also make sure that cookies and JavaScript are enabled, and also that no one else has access to your accounts.
  • You can also uninstall Google Chrome completely using any powerful uninstaller for Windows and install fresh Google Chrome from start.
  • You can restore Chrome’s settings to their original defaults.
  • Always keep backup for your files. 

Hopefully by following above steps you can resolve this login issue by yourself and able to login in to Chrome. But if you are still unable to login into QuickBooks Online Accountant or you need any further information regarding QuickBooks Online Accountant than you can always contact experts from QuickBooks who are available to assist you 24/7.

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