New features in QuickBooks 2019

New 2019 QuickBooks which is faster and Powerful than ever is packed with new advanced features for its users. Intuit has been working for more than a year to bring new and improved features which matches the need for growing business in new technology environment. In this article we will take a look at the QuickBooks latest features and improvements from the previous versions.

Let’s take a look at all the new features offered by QuickBooks new version and how to take advantage of these new improved features.


New improved way for condensing your data file

QuickBooks Condense Company File

Many of the users faces performance issues because of their large size company file, particularly this feature will be helpful for them as they can utilize this QuickBooks updated feature. This tool will compress file size without losing any information. Fast and updated version of QuickBooks 2019 combined with Conventional Data Utility Tool which safely eliminates the transactions details will keep all of your transaction details safe by removing the file’s audit trails. You will have choice between either remove the Audit trail and keep all the history or remove only certain transactions while removing history.

QuickBooks 2019 version offers you two choices so you can either choose updated Condense Data Utility Tool or you can choose conventional condense data utility tool.

NOTE: You should make a backup of all your data before proceeding in case.


New Updated Check to Pay a Bill Feature:

To avoid accidentally sending payment to the same vendor twice if you to forget to make the payment entry that’s why QuickBooks has updated its check to bill pay feature. When you will write a check for an unpaid bill this feature will prompts and guides to link the check with an open bill. Here when you will click Go to Pay Bills button only the open bills by that vendor will be displayed on screen.


Transfer Easily QuickBooks to another Computer System:

Move QuickBooks to Other Computer

For various reasons you might want to transfer QuickBooks from system to another and QuickBooks has considered this need into its new updated version by improving data and application migration feature. Simply in just five clicks you can quickly move the application from one computer to a different computer.


QuickBooks New and Easy Upgrade Feature:

QuickBooks Upgrade
QuickBooks Activation

You can easily update your application to the latest version in just two simple clicks with this new upgraded feature of QuickBooks 2019.

Under account activation window you can also view

Your account ID which was not available in the previous versions of QuickBooks.


New Batch Feature in Sale Order Worksheets:

QuickBooks new batch feature will allow users to view all the orders pick, pack and ship status at one single place from the dashboard which will cause in boosting speed of overall order process. At the bottom of the panel you will find a new button which will apply bulk actions to your sales orders, pairing with the mobile device, integration with UPS, USPS and FedEx.


New Better IIF Import Functionality:

New QuickBooks Import

Now you have a better feature of importing .IIF files with the launch of new QuickBooks 2019 Update. So it means that no accounts will be created by default and there is no need to check IIF manually, all the failures will be reported in a list automatically.

This feature will help you to view quickly the status of item which you have imported whether it is a success or not.

There will be a separate .IIF file to view the failed transactions.

So you will avoid importing any incorrect or corrupted data into you company file.

  • New Better Pay Sick/Vacation Time feature:
New QuickBooks Account Activation

With QuickBooks latest update the feature of ‘Pay sick and Vacation time’ will calculate numbers of leaves according to state’s requirement and if there are not enough leaves it will notify you accordingly.

Under the Pay stub section, you will be able to get in-depthview of employee’s leaves used and available and this help you avoid anyoverpaying.

NOTE: This feature is only available with an active Payroll Subscription.


New Better Inventory Management feature:

The issue of inventory items reports not matching the balance sheet is very common for the users dealing with inventory management. By default, inactive items are not listed in the inventory item summary but inactive items are shown as inventory total in the total of on the balance sheet.

But now with the new update QuickBooks has made few changes in the inventory management feature where you will get error message is if you want to make an inventory item inactive and if it still has a value or a quantity on hand.

All the inactivated items under the inventory valuation summary report can be easily viewed.


New Improved Invoice Tracking Feature:

Invoicing in New QuickBooks

Now you can view the complete history of the invoices on a single screen, which was not possible in older versions of QuickBooks where you can only view history of one payment at a time.

Invoices due dates, date created and the dates when payment is received or deposited can be easily viewed on a single screen. By using new Send Invoicefeature you will be able to see whether your customer has viewed the invoices or not.


New Approach to Transfer Credit among different Jobs and Customers:

QuickBooks Customer Credits

With just few clicks you can easily transfer credits among different jobs and customers with QuickBooks 2019 new updated feature. To move credits QuickBooks automatically creates ‘Other Current Assets’. This will result in saving lots of time and effort otherwise time consuming work creating credit memos for specific jobs and customers.


New Enhanced Intuit Data Protect Feature:

New Intuit Data Protect

Now you can save your data from any infections, natural disasters and data theft by the new enhanced QuickBooks Data Protect feature.This feature will automatically set up accounts, verifies system requirements,detect QuickBooks files and creates a secure backup connection. It will run an automatically backup process on your system to create backups on secure services. If the backup fails, you will get an email. You can also select a time for this automatic backup. You can also select options for Notifications which you will get through Emails.

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