QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery

QuickBooks is a bookkeeping software that combines a variety of accounting processes into one user-friendly system. QuickBooks is one of the fastest growing software for small and medium sized business and offer on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud-based versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions. QuickBooks software is a great software to assist small and medium sized business running their business smoothly and hassle free.

Auto Data Recovery was first introduced in QuickBooks 2010 R12 and QuickBooks 2011 R6, Only available for Premier and Pro versions.

If you are using QuickBooks Pro or Premier of above-mentioned versions than you can see additional folder named QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery in your computer paired up with few new files and it shows up on its own. 

QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery

This is basically an automated backup copy of your QuickBooks company file.

  • QuickBooks company file that’s why the QBW.ADR file will be the same size as your regular QBW company file
  • The matching transaction log, that QuickBooks makes for you automatically and it is shown as QBW.TLG.ADR file which should be much smaller but will grow.
  • The two old files won’t show up until later.
  • This feature cannot be turned off.

Now lets see the reason behind why Intuit is doing this?

Many users have complaints that they cannot open their QuickBooks file. Intuit technical team is working for many years to improve methods for diagnosing, preventing and fixing these types of issues.

Over the year many tools have been developed by the team which may help with:

  • Networking issues: to solve the network issues Intuit developed the QuickBooks Network Diagnostic Tool. This tool is used by gathering user’s network setup information diagnosing the problems like improper permissions or other configuration errors.
  • File corruption issues: to solve the network issues Intuit developed the QuickBooks Company File Diagnostic Tool. This tool will help in detecting the error and diagnosing the problem and repairing the error.

Sometime these tools can’t fix everything and users was still unable to open the company file when these tools couldn’t fix the issue. Users would have to send their company file to be repaired by the Intuit Data Service Team or they can also use some third-party repair services.

This is quite hectic if you have busy business because you can’t access to your QuickBooks file for several days and there are additional fees you have to pay.

A better solution is that instead of sending out your file for repair have a recent backup copy of your QuickBooks company file. Simply pickup from the time it was created and restore that file. In many situations this works very well. But in any case, sadly, we have encountered that numerous QuickBooks client don’t actually make backups of their files that often.

A proper backup plan to minimize issues should be set up any complying and good accounting professional. You will find lots of good backup products which are available out there and an adequate backup technique is where multiple types of backups are done. No matter what, Intuit can’t just presumethat a good backup plan is implemented by a QuickBooks user. That’s why Intuit has decided that the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery feature should be implemented by them.

Now let’s see how does QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery feature works.


How Does Auto Data Recovery Feature of QuickBooks Works?

When we will open our QuickBooks company file around one hour later internal diagnostics on the file will be started by the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery feature. If the file after being open passes the test then the program happens to assume that it’s a good file and in the ADR folder a backup copy is made.

When the initial backup copy is made ADR transaction log will contain all transactions added to the file from that point on. If QuickBooks remains open 12 hours after the first copy,then another copy of the file will be made by QuickBooks. You can close your QuickBooks to stop this procedure.When next time you again open your company file the program will know that itis accessible so it will run some short internal diagnostics again.

A corrupted TLG file can also stop you to open your QuickBooks company file that’s why TLG file also undergoes some diagnostic tests. 

After everything is passed, a new ADR set is created and the first ADR copy is renamed to old. Now only this old copy is kept by it. This means that now you have two backup copies, 12 hours old, and the other 24 hours old.


How this feature can be used?

Well first thing first you don’t have to manually make backup this feature does this job automatically for you.

So how can we use this backup to restore our company file?  Initially this method was made for technical support staff of Intuit only. But now they are offering this feature to end users or ProAdvisor.

You can find the details in Intuit Support Article #HOW13772.

Here is a summary for you:

You have to replace the original QBW with the ADR copy. Also match it with ADR TLG file.

All the transactions that have been entered since the copy was made will be contained in the TLG file.

QuickBooks will recognize that this is a special copy when you open the ADR copy and automatically all the TLG transactions will be applied.But by any chance the TLG file itself becomes compromised so it won’t be applied and you have to use your file without the backup for the last 12 or 24 hours of work activity.

Well you don’t have to worry this backup is made up for technical support team of Intuit to work with as a last resort, instead of sending files to theme for repair.

NOTE: you should not completely rely on this feature for all your backup needs cause it’s not a full backup solution.

Just like any thing can have pros and cons, this feature does too. Since this can’t be turned off by the users and it does take up some good space on the hard drive. Many users may complain about this. But this do help when there is a error and a good chance for recovery your file to carry out your work normally without too much hassle.

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