QuickBooks Crash Catcher Error in QuickBooks For Mac Desktop

QuickBooks Crash Catcher Error in Mac

This error is specific to Mac Operating system, If you are getting this error your QuickBooks May not work or it will shut down automatically. This could cause major issue with company file software won’t let to access your data file. In some cases if user doesn’t have latest back up they may loose data as well.

Root Cause: this could be caused by any kind of operating system or for instance if you are ignoring on QuickBooks Updates. Usually intuit  sent periodic update on each and every application and we call them maintenance update. These updates keep your software up to date  with latest standards and security.

QuickBooks Mac support


  1.  If your QuickBooks Open exit out of  software instantly and try to reopen it again. If you are able to open you QuickBooks Please try to create back as Quick as possible.
  2. Step:  If you are still unable to open your QuickBooks in this case on you computer screen in Finder press and hold the option key and Go to library Once you have library open choose Preferences folder option  just drag all the files on you desktop screen those are start with with com.intuit.quickbooks2015. After this try to restart your QuickBooks May be it will work.
  3. Step: After trying both the steps if you are able to open you QuickBooks on home screen go to File and hove over Utilities and Select verify data to check data integrity.Once you are done with verification of data file next step is to Click on rebuild data for safer side make sure you won’t loose any data on you QuickBooks.
  4.  Step: After trying all the three steps if still your QuickBooks won’t work then Please restart your Mac in safe boot. To do that press and hold the shift key and restart you Mac which will enable safe boot in your computer and try to open QuickBooks may be this will work.
  5.  Step: After trying all the step if still you are unable to open you QuickBooks just uninstall and reinstall your software.


If you are facing any issue on you QuickBooks while using on Mac or got any error message please call QuickBooks Mac technical Support number at 1-877-681-1680.

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