QuickBooks Error 80029c4a: Ways to Fix

An error that leads you nowhere,  when an error states that “ I am unexpected” then you must fasten your seat-belt as there is not one possible cause of such error and you must look into very different and a list of possible solutions because this may lead to very different type of solutions you’re going to try. The solution that I am going to suggest you will take some time so before going to that solution we must try some basic tricks.

You must ask for a technical support if your Problem do not get resolve by the tricks given below you can access our technical support by the given link

Speaking of unexpected errors sometimes they’re completely difficult and a not resolve without the help of technical support but in most of the cases they’re resolve by the solutions that I am going to give you in this very article. Most of the time they give you clue something as to where to find the Mr. solution as after you face this error sometimes you will see that in the error message it is clearly stated that the file with name library.dll is gone missing because of which your quick books crashes. Whenever you opens it behaving very poorly or you’re completely very unable to open it. In this way you’re notified about the cause of the problem and at least you’re having a direction where you must go but in the situation you should decide how to resolve the problem according to the time you have because if you update your account periodically then this will not be an issue but if you do it in perpetual environment and need to be done this on daily basis then I must say it is the time to look into problem and kill the bad guys so you can know about your business financial health in real time. Ah! The talk has gone so long

Solutions: Well, now I am listing the solutions in a way that a tricks or solutions that takes less time are numbered first and time taking solution are placed in the end.

quickbooks error 80029c4a

1: Restart/reboot your system:

This is very first solution which an IT guy will suggest you so I will suggest you this one too. If you have not restarted or rebooted your PC in long times and using it brutally with a lot of programs opened and closed this will update your cache (a temporary space in which the extension file of the running programs are stored temporarily and eventually closed when the program get closed or the system is restarted) Space relieved your PC performance or may also solve the under link problem which is error 80029c4a.

2: Try to locate missing file:

When you got a file name in your error message then this is all about your that particular file which is gone missing from your quickbooks installation folder till the very fair chances that the file which is gone missing is eaten by your antivirus or your firewall isn’t liking your file. In the situation you can also get relief by finding that missing file and restored it from your antivirus or making the file allowed in the list of firewall allowed items you must be looking for your respective anti-virus software that where they keep the trash can so you can find your file in that trash can and restore it from there.

3: Batch extension file for re registration of quick books:

Inside your quick books setup folder there is a batch extension file named ‘’Reboot.bat” what this file do is when you double click on it will re-register your Quickbooks your registry files.

You can find the Reboot.bat by the following way,

Windows User: C Drive > Program Files > Intuit > Quickbooks (201X)

Mac User: Mac user will find their Quickbooks installation folder in “Documents folder”.

Intuit Recommended Solutions:

The above mentioned solutions are the tricks to overcome with the error at first instance and if by these tricks the problem is not resolved than you must look into Intuit recommended solutions because this will definitely remove the error from your life I mean Quickbooks only,

Get to the Latest Release:

While using a desktop version of any application the main issue is to get updated and as I told you that Quickbooks interacts a lot of other files and applications of your OS like one which is .Net Framework so Intuit recommend you that you must remain at the latest release so when QB interacts with it neighbors it also have new clothes in the new year day, What I meant is you got it all!, so if you are facing a lot of hurdles not only error 80029c4a but a lot of other than this only error while operating Quickbooks I and Intuit suggested you that you must update your Quickbooks up to the latest release, but you must be looking into this before doing,

Intuit Discontinuation Policy: Intuit has a discontinuation policy that when you buy a Quickbooks product intuit will update it free of cost for 3 years but after 3 years have complete you have to pay again to get updated.

The link will take you to Quickbooks Discontinuation Policy, https://community.intuit.com/articles/1501193-quickbooks-desktop-service-discontinuation-disco-policy-and-upgrade-information

Install or Clean Install your QuickBooks

I prefer you to do Clean Install but before you install or clean install your QuickBooks you must make sure that you have enough backup that will hurt your operations and if you don’t have any backup than you can consult our technical advisors,

Want to know how to do clean Install go to this link, (give here the link of clean install article).

Based on the above mentioned things I must say that you must read this article carefully and don’t try any of the trick if you find it confusing or the language or jargons used are complex in this situation you must consult a technical support.

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