QuickBooks Error H505 | QuickBooks Multi user Mode Not Working

The QuickBooks has many features for bookkeeping programs for a large portion of the organizations in today’s business world. QuickBooks being software sometimes throws an error when a user tries to attempt to work with company files that are located on another computer and that computer demand extra installation and setup.

This QuickBooks error H505 stops the users from working on QuickBooks. The QuickBooks Error H505 support team describes this as one of the common errors that occur in Quickbooks 2014, 2015, 2016 which would prevent users from connecting in multi-user mode.

QuickBooks Error H505

The QuickBooks Error H505 support team say – “Opening your organization record set on another PC requires extra establishment and setup.”

QuickBooks H505 error occurs when opening your company file in QuickBooks software. When multi-client try to facilitate set up in QuickBooks it means that multiple clients are attempting to get to your organization document on their computers (PC’s) and if the computer does not have a certain establishment setup. This QuickBooks Error H505 will occur.


Following are the reasons when QuickBooks H505 error occurs:

  • Blocking incoming or outgoing communication through a firewall to the company file.
  • With QuickBooks Database server on the server, did not scan Quickbooks files folder.
  • Incorrect, hosting configuration settings.
  • To open the file, workstations are configured through the host’s Fully Qualified Domain Name.
  • Damaged or incorrect of the .nd file.
  • In case if your QuickBooks software can’t obtain your system’s IP address.
  • This error also occurs when you have forgotten or failed to start QuickBooks Database service.
  • If the QuickBooks user doesn’t have the read/write permissions with the QB database.
  • When QuickBooks cannot obtain the server hosting the company file.
  • Error occurs when the file is located in none native installed server, such as Virtual Machine (VMware, Virtual Box, Microsoft Virtual Server.etc)
  • QuickBooks did not set to “Include inheritable permissions from the parent of the object”.


The QuickBooks error H505 support team will help you by resolving the error with the following solutions:

  • Setting the host configuration.
  • Set the QuickBooks firewall ports properly.
  • Obtain the IP address of the host computer.
  • Check the verify the DNS settings.
  • Start the necessary QuickBooks database services.
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