QuickBooks Pro 2011 Unable to Save PDF Invoice in Windows 10

As a business owner, you have perhaps planned to use QuickBooks for your accounting works. However, if you have Windows 10 desktop and want to run QuickBooks 2011, you may face some issues. Remember that Windows version 10 is a new OS, while QuickBooks edition 2011 is an old one. Intuit has not offered any solution to make QuickBooks 2011 compatible with Windows OS 10.

While you are trying to have good account managing experience, you may look for installing QuickBooks 2015. However, still, if you’re using QuickBooks version 2011, you may have found issues while saving your PDF file. If you have created your invoice on PDF document and want to save it, you can get error message. We have provided the steps that allow you in saving file smoothly at your QuickBooks.

You may get more than one option for solving the issues. And these are applicable to almost any Windows version and QuickBooks edition. However, you have to note that QuickBooks with older version causes more problems than that of the newer ones. We have also observed that while you’ve 64-bit PC, there is higher potential of facing the intricacy.

Now, let’s present you with a guide on how you can solve your QuickBooks Pro 2011 issues of saving PDF invoice in your Windows 10 computer.

Save as PDF- This is the foremost option, on which you need to click for storing your file. Though many users do the process successfully, you can face issues with QuickBook version 2011. This version has XPS driver. The software may attempt to store your file, but it fails to do so. It begins the process of installing hook just for this driver. With your second attempt, you can find this driver.

Updating your software- It’s another solution for you

While the first option does not settle the problem, we have other steps to help you. Check out if you are using the latest QuickBooks version. You can visit the official site to know about the releases. If the present software version is not known to you, then you have to hit F2 on your keyboard. This will allow you to know the information of the product.


Look for Tools to do Repair

It is another important method for solving the problem, and you may need to alter some Windows feature. The best fact is that the software developer has already a collection of sophisticated tools, which assist you in doing the task for your needs. The updated tool, like QuickBooks PDF Repair tool is the right option to you. In one package of installation, you may get different versions of this tool.


Taking permissions to solve problems

Here is another reliable option that you can try out to solve the PDF file saving problem. Perhaps, you have issues to get permission for accessing temporary folders, present in your Windows system. In order to have the solution, you should:

  • Open the command- RUN
  • Hit on Enter key after typing- %TEMP%
  • Click on the space, adjacent to the folder
  • Select Properties.
  • Check out whether there is Full Control for every group and username
  • After choosing Full Control mode for permission, you can store PDF file of the software

Thus, these are the potential options to solve your PDF file saving issues with QuickBooks. Choose the latest QuickBooks software version and get rid of many other problems.

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