The Advantages of using QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks comes in different editions namely QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise version.

QuickBooks Pro is one of the most popular accounting bookkeeping software that helps to manage all of the accounting and financial details in a well-mannered way. QuickBooks software can be used as both Online and Offline making it efficient and popular choice for users. It works on every platform from desktop to mobile to tablets. QuickBooks Pro have lots of features which get many jobs done. It can be used to track expenses and to create invoices.

So today we will discuss dome of the top benefits of QuickBooks Pro. Why it you should use it over any other accounting software and how it is beneficial for your business.


The Perks of using QuickBooks Pro

Everyday needs of small and medium sized business can be solved by using simple yet powerful software QuickBooks Pro updated version.

  • QuickBooks Pro offers both Online and Offline feature means that you can carry out you work easily even when you are offline.
  • By taking advantage of QuickBooks Pro you can ignore the uncertain spreadsheet recipes and will spend less time on complexjobs for example invoicing and accommodating installments, documenting assessment form.
  • Using the powerful stream graph on the Landing page.
  • It is packed with full bookkeeping programming bundle and helps you reduce your expense overall.
  • Help is easily available through key strides making it easy to get reports and entering basic information about your customers.
  • It has multiple currency option which will help you
  • Sales Tax option for collecting and paying sales tax.
  • Now supports up to 3 simultaneous users in a data file.
  • Tracking of inventory part, time and mileage is easier than ever.


The Amazing(New) Features on QuickBooks Pro

Now take a look at some of the new amazing and wonderful features in QuickBooks Pro. Intuit keeps updating it regularly, now new features added are really useful for small and medium sized business user.

Well anyone who uses Job feature in QuickBooks Pro knows that it is disappointing that the ability to apply credit balance from one job to a different job for the same customer is not present. Work around exists but they are burdensome for subsidiary accounting reports.

But now in QuickBooks pro 2018 you can apply credit across all of the jobs for the same client. You can simply do this by looking for afield Unused Credits at the bottom of the Customer Payment screen. From there you can select Apply credits to apple credits to any open invoice for the client. With just one simple click you can transfer credit and simplify your work and reduces chances of making mistakes by moving credited form job to another.

A Pay Now button sometimes is not good enough to prevent late payments from customers. However, in the past the users either have  had to print their invoices and Past Due stamp has to written on them to set the client attention or the had to save the invoice in a PDF format and then had to manually add a past due notice.

With QuickBooks Pro new feature user can automatically add a Past Due stamp to their client’s billings and it have options of customizing your stamp according to your choice.

On the Invoices Pay Now button

For some quiet time users have been manually adding paymentlinks to their invoices as invoices which contain a payment link are more likely to get paid quickly.  New feature has been introduced in QuickBooks Pro so that users can add the Pay Now button to their invoices for the payments for PayPal, ACH and credit card payments.

This feature saves lots of user times by automatically adding a payment link and to the correct invoices of customers which otherwise had taken lots of user time by adding manually and also saves the user from embarrassment caused by mistakenly misapplied client payments

Some other QuickBooks Pro updates are also worth looking at:

There are some other worth mentioning features of QuickBooks Pro other than the few new listed above features.

  • BetterDashboard: QuickBooks Pro dashboard features charts and graphs that will quickly give you the insight into your company Income and expenses, Profit and loss details beautifully.
QuickBooks Pro Dashboard
  • Time tracking made easy: Now you can easily track time by using the built-in timer which shows up as total hours. You can also add chargeable hours to customer invoices manually.
  • Reports:You can mark reports as favorites for easy and fast access. QuickBooks Pro havemore than 100 reports and some graphs e.g. Sales Report or Cash Flow.
  • Accountant’s Copy: QuickBooks Pro allows accountants to log into their clients QuickBooks files and directly make changed to their live data. Also, the accountant needs to do a considerable amount of cleanup work for any previous accounting period and the user wants to use their QuickBooks file on a daily basis they can simply create accountant’s copy of their company file so they can easily carryout their work.
  • Creates period copies: Users can create period copies of their accounting file which allows a user to eliminate data outside a certain range from the filecopy. This is useful especially during audits where users can restrict the auditor from examining the data which is outside of the audit year.
  • Scheduled backups feature: Instead of remembering to backup your company file to prevent any data loss due to any unforeseen reason user can set a preference when to have a backup run. User can select any time of their choice like every day,every other week or monthly depending upon their business.

Intuit has recently redesigned their Support Center and now have included a in software search bar to help you. You can use QuickBooks support phone number but note that phone support is only included in QuickBooks Pro plus with yearly subscription. So, you have to pay extra for phone support after purchasing QuickBooks Pro license.                          

So, if your business has inventory or job costing needs no doubt QuickBooks Pro is the best option for you. QuickBooks Pro is also affordably priced. It’s ease of use and the availability of QuickBooks support from Intuit will make your accounting work for your business very easy.

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