Unable to Open the Company File, QuickBooks Error Code (-6189, -82)

QuickBooks Error Code (-6189, -82)

“Unable to open the company file, error code (-6189, -82)”

This error; (-6189, -82) in QuickBooks software happens to be a common error. This error usually occurs, when the user tries to open the company file. A message saying, displays; “unable to open the company file, QuickBooks error code: 6189, -82.”
A payroll, pay-checks, consumers, vendors, managing software; QuickBooks is bound to have errors which may occur every now and then, creating a bit of an hassle that is nothing to be afraid of. We provide customer support by our ProAdvisors all over the world, any place, anytime, anywhere.

Before the error: (-6189, -82) will occur, you will notice some symptoms like:

  • QuickBooks error (-6189, -82) will appear and crash the active program window.
  • The computer system is expected to freeze for a few seconds repeatedly.
  • While installing window operating system, error code (-6189,-82) can also occur.

Causes behind error code (-6189, -82):

  • First and foremost can be the Installation itself of the QuickBooks software.
  • QuickBooks related software change from a corruption in windows registry.
  • Any malware or virus that might have caused the corrupted windows system files or QuickBooks software.
  • Mistakenly deleted QuickBooks related files.


Solutions for the error code (-6189, -82)

By performing these solutions, the error code can be resolved. The solutions are as follows:

Restart the system and server.

By restarting your computer system and server that hold the permission to access your company files, the error can immediately resolve. Sometimes, the server or the system can easily tamper with the recently installed software, on installing the software, if the system freezes for a few seconds, immediately restarting the computer system and the server can tend to do wonders and solve the problem.

Install QuickBooks Database Manager

By installing QuickBooks Database manager on the server of your computer system on which the QB company file has been saved can help in settling the error code (-6189, -82). As soon as it gets installed, restarting your computer system should be also done.

QuickBooks data file is stored on a portable device

Storing the QuickBooks company file on a portable device such as USB, hard-disk, or any other removable drive can cause the problem. This can cause the damage to the original setup. By copying the company file on the host computer system or by using the file sharing service like dropbox or any other can resolve the issue. QuickBooks error code (-6189, -82) message, lost/damaged transactions will be displayed if you keep accessing company file in this manner.

Quite a number of factors can cause QuickBooks Error code (-6189, -82), so it is important that you must get in touch with our ProAdvisors who are available 24*7 at your beck and call, anywhere and anytime in the world to help you resolve the issue at your convenience; i.e., through e-mail, phone call, etc.

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